Thu, 29 Sep 2022
SPAIN: Peter and Kate Knowlson in Azuaga
At the end of September, the Faculty in Córdoba will be open to a new group of Bible students. Pray for these students who will be the workers in churches in Spain and elsewhere. Pray for Peter as he helps them to engage with how best to teach the scriptures both as third and first years. Please also pray as we are hoping that new candidates, Daniel and Damary, may arrive this month for a years' orientation in Córdoba and with a view to working in the Valley where we have served. May the Lord bless their capacity to understand and enjoy the Spanish Christian church and the society in which we evangelise.
Wed, 28 Sep 2022
FRANCE: Jack and Sarah Winterburn in Tours Nord
Benjamin our son is starting school, please pray that the transition will go well and for us to have peace about it. This gives us more time in the coming months. Please pray for discernment on how to use it well, and which people and ministry areas to invest in. We want to be doing what God is doing. Some other prayer points: the youth in the church, we are beginning to gather them outside of Sunday mornings from time to time. Please pray for Jack's preaching to be inspired by the word of God and the Holy Spirit Please pray for the worship team as one worship leader is moving away, and a choir has recently formed!
Tue, 27 Sep 2022
GERMANY: Gerard and Janneke de Wit in Schwerin
We thank the Lord for new team members: a couple from Germany/Switzerland and another woman from Germany. He provides! Pray that we find each other as a team, so we can really serve the neighbourhood together. Also pray for the process of buying a building. We are very close. Pray that the finances are in order and all stakeholders are as enthusiastic as we are.
Mon, 26 Sep 2022
ECMI: International Board of Trustees
As we meet this evening, please pray that we may receive wisdom and clear understanding as we work through the agenda items. We give thanks for those trustees reappointed at the recent Virtual General Assembly and for the new appointment of Andrew McCormick as a trustee. Pray for discernment as we seek to support and encourage Simon and the leadership team in the development of the ministry and review progress on the strategic goals.
Sun, 25 Sep 2022
SPAIN: Chloë Wolfson in Roquetas de Mar
Today September 25, we launch a new kids club in collaboration with a Romanian speaking church in a more challenging neighbourhood of Doscientas. Pray for the formation of a team, that people from different churches in Roquetas would commit to being involved. Pray for the church to be enthusiastic about participating. Pray for the teams: for their training and preparation, and for kids to come and learn about the Jesus of the Bible.
Sat, 24 Sep 2022
ITALY: Susanne Stoehr in Macherio
Praise the Lord for thousands of everyday miracles during my furlough time in Germany. I am overwhelmed by His faithfulness in travelling and during my preaching with my paintings! Pray for a good conclusion of my time in Germany and a lot of bureaucracy I have to deal with due to the death of my father. Pray also for our annual exposition of the artists group which starts today September 16 to the beginning of October on the Mediterranean Sea. I painted the refugees.
Fri, 23 Sep 2022
SPAIN: Edgar and Jane Álvarez in Madrid
Give thanks for the blessing of renewed contact with family and partners in Scotland on our 2-week home assignment. Jane’s dad continues in good health at 91. Sadly, Edgar’s dad in Costa Rica passed away shortly after our return so prayers for Edgar and his brother Luis are appreciated.
Thu, 22 Sep 2022
REPUBLIC OF IRELAND: Jonathan and Nicola McCracken in Claremorris
From 22 September to 30 October there will be a six-week Nationwide campaign called "What's the Story” where many churches will be using resources available as an outreach to those in their communities. Pray as we reach out as a church here in Claremorris. We will be looking at six questions related to the Christian faith and everyday life, such as suffering, life after death, questions about Christianity. Pray that this evangelistic campaign will raise awareness.
Wed, 21 Sep 2022
GERMANY: Christiaan and Kseniya Kooiman in Schwerin
Thank God for M, a young girl who wants to be baptised! She grew up in a very difficult family and wants with God's help to change her life. Please pray that the Lord will help her and heal the wounds from the past and that one day she will have her own family which will believe in God!
Tue, 20 Sep 2022
SPAIN: Julia Mercer-Wilson in Tarragona
From today September 20-27, pray for those on Acueducto's first 'spiritual transformation' course in English, that they would be transformed and find healing through their encounters with God and would leave with the desire to lead others into his loving presence.
Mon, 19 Sep 2022
PORTUGAL: Mike and Daveen Wilson in Mourão
We will be getting a new priest for the town soon, originally from Angola. Please pray that he will be a blessing to the town and positive towards us.
Sun, 18 Sep 2022
ECMI: International Leadership Team
Please pray for the ILT who are meeting in London on September 18-20Pray for the ability to think clearly and imaginatively, and for wisdom as decisions are made. Pray that the result of our time together may be that more and more people in Europe become followers of Jesus.
Sat, 17 Sep 2022
AUSTRIA: Tobias and Esther Giersch in Arriach
The next Teabus outreach is today 17 September. After the Covid break many of the old team left, so we were unsure if we still had a viable team. But God provided new team members who are motivated to share the Gospel among the youth. Please pray for wisdom in the conversations, for open hearts and that the team can share the love of Christ. Also pray for a better solution to park the bus. Currently it is parked in the open, without any cover and with a very narrow and challenging road when we drive in and out.
Fri, 16 Sep 2022
PORTUGAL: Shane McGloin in Vila Real
On the 17 September we are hoping to have our first house meeting in Bragança where we want to plant a church. Please pray that the Lord would establish His work in the city and that myself along with others would be vessels for this city to be reached. I will also be in Northern Ireland during September to speak about my work with ECM and my future plans. Please pray for a fruitful time back home.
Thu, 15 Sep 2022
SPAIN: Abel and Rafi Nuño in Bañeras
We thank the Lord that Abel's colonoscopy did not find anything serious. We continue to pray that the Lord will enable us to establish relationships in the village. We pray that the Lord will help us (when He touches us) to balance the care of Abel's parents and the ministry. May He keep them from falls that would complicate the situation. We continue to pray for the Lord to provide clients for our son Samuel. We pray for provision to change our car.
Wed, 14 Sep 2022
SLOVENIA: Sebastian and Gloria Forjan in Radovljica
Praise God for great outreach camps, one for teenagers and another one for kids. We have built new contacts and shared the Gospel. Pray for growth and a good follow up through the year. Also pray for our church leadership (Sebastian and Chris) that we will be humble and listening to God for His guidance as we will start Sermon on the Mount sermons and training new leaders for our local ministry. Thank you for standing with us.
Tue, 13 Sep 2022
NEW ZEALAND: Féy Cotter, National Director
Today September 13 I fly to Europe for three weeks, visiting the UK (ILT meetings), then Bulgaria, Romania and Spain. Pray for safe travel and good conversations everywhere I go.
Mon, 12 Sep 2022
BULGARIA: Andrew and Kate Blackwell in Sofia
We are traveling together with Féy Cotter to Romania this month to build relationships for the placement of new candidates Alex & Liz Preotesea-Wagner. Please pray for a good partnership foundation to be built.
Sun, 11 Sep 2022
ITALY: Erwin and Almut Büschlen in Montichiari
We plan to do an art exposition outside in the centre in the city of Desenzano. The town is asking for many documents. Please pray that this event can be realized. The topic is “70 times 7 - the sails of forgiveness “. May Jesus touch the people that they may find him. In this moment quite a lot of co-workers from our church are moving in another country or pass-through changes. This leaves an enormous vacuum. Please pray for new people who want to collaborate and for new conversations- especially in the younger generation. Please pray for the political election, for peace, justice and freedom.
Sat, 10 Sep 2022
BRITAIN: Vidas and Rita Rimkiene in Gloucester
We are thankful for the possibility to extend the communal space in the house which eventually will be used to practice hospitality and share our faith in Christ. Please pray for finances as the prices went up and we are short.
Fri, 09 Sep 2022
PORTUGAL: Eberson and Madalena David in Montargil
Thank God for our supporters who have faithfully engaged with us in our financial support. Thank God for the missionary trip to England, where Beatriz and Isabela participated in the WEC Youth Camp and Eberson worked as a volunteer. Continue to pray for Madalena's health so that she has continuous improvements in the sciatic nerve. Please also pray for our adaptation in our new house, in the city of Ponte de Sor and that of our daughters in the new school.
Thu, 08 Sep 2022
GERMANY: Martin and Anja Teubert in Ribnitz-Damgarten
Martin will travel a bit to help 2 different churches to run a Children’s programme. Please pray as well for our daughter who starts university next month. It is a big step for her to live away from our family. So far, we have not found housing for her.
Wed, 07 Sep 2022
ROMANIA: Alexia C in Timisoara
In September I will be back in France for a month and half. I will visit friends, family and churches. Please pray for a safe journey as I will travel with my car, for blessed relationships and for people who want to get involved spiritually and financially in the new ministry of Casa A.LC with people with cancer and their families. Pray for my colleague Laura who will work alone during this time. May the Lord give her strength so she can be a great encouragement for our beneficiaries.
Tue, 06 Sep 2022
NETHERLANDS: Roland and Carolien Smith in Maastricht
We invite you to join with us in praying for wisdom and to trust in the Lord as we plan for a hoped-for house move 2 hours north from Maastricht – more towards the centre of the country. One of the reasons on top is to be closer to Carolien's mother, who needs more care. Very few affordable houses are available for rent and about 40 people register for each one.
Mon, 05 Sep 2022
ECM BRITAIN: Rachel Gurney, HR Assistant
In August we welcomed Astrid Vieru-Huttmann to our staff team. Please pray for Astrid as she continues to settle into her role as Supporter Engagement Officer. We are continuing to search for a Support Services Administrator as we were unable to recruit a suitable candidate this summer. Please pray that the right person will see the job advertised and apply to join us.