Sat, 13 Jul 2024
REPUBLIC OF IRELAND: Colin and Alison Holmes in Ferrybank
We give thanks for Jason and Lauren Kittrell from USA who have applied to ECM and who are visiting Ireland in the middle of July. Pray especially for their time with Ferrybank church and leaders. Pray also for our church as we connect with our community through monthly picnics over the summer. Pray for the change to rhythms that summer brings – that it might see us sharing Jesus by spending quality time with people.
Fri, 12 Jul 2024
AUSTRALIA: Paul and Leah Davies, accepted Candidates for Republic of Ireland
We praise God for being accepted as candidates with ECM and for the team’s guidance throughout the journey. Pray that we trust God through the next phase of partnership development, that we may be mutually blessed and encouraged with/by friends and churches. Please pray that God would open a door for visas so we can serve in the Republic of Ireland. Pray for Leah as she completes theological study this year and for the kids to trust God in the uncertainty.
Thu, 11 Jul 2024
KOSOVO: Gani and Adile Smolica in Peja
We praise the Lord for steady numbers at church Services during June. Praise the Lord that Adile is feeling a bit better, although prayer is needed for her to gain strength against fear of illnesses. In the beginning of July, the youth of our church will have a 4-day camp before they stop the activities for summer holidays. Pray for the youth to learn more what it is to believe in Jesus in a hostile environment for those who are in Christ. In July, we are having a family reunion as our daughter, Besiana, is coming with her family from Belfast for a month. Pray for some good time together.
Wed, 10 Jul 2024
NETHERLANDS: Kees and Wieteke Postma in Burgum
Please pray for us at Burgum Baptist Church. We are looking to appoint a third couple as elders and would like wisdom in the ongoing conversations we have with a prospective couple. Kees is involved with some groups in the cities of Beilen, Ijsselmuiden en Dronten to see if new churches could be planted there. Pray for fruitful chats with the leadership of those projects so that His name will be proclaimed in those areas as well in fresh and new ways.
Tue, 09 Jul 2024
SPAIN: Edgar and Jane Álvarez in Collado Villalba
From today, 9-30 July, we will be in Scotland for Home Assignment. It is the first time we go together with our adult children so please pray as we negotiate sharing small spaces, as well as reconnecting with churches, supporters, friends and family. Please pray for Jane during these last three busy and demanding weeks of school and for good health and wisdom to navigate this time well with students, colleagues and parents. Pray also for Edgar dealing currently with two or three hard ministry situations. Pray for wisdom and discernment to support colleagues in the most helpful and effective way.
Mon, 08 Jul 2024
SLOVENIA: Sarah Deacon in Ljubljana
Please pray for our church youth camp which starts today 8-11 July. We will be looking at the theme of By Faith from Hebrews 11. Please pray for all the young people who are coming, especially those who have been invited by their friends. Pray that it would be a good time together and that the young people would be both encouraged and challenged to live by faith.
Sun, 07 Jul 2024
PORTUGAL: Steve and Lydia Cockram in Vila Nova de Gaia
From today, 7- 16 July, we are taking 4 of our young adults on a short-term mission trip to Athens to serve Luciana and the other ECM workers there. Please pray that God will use the 10 days to grow our young people in their faith as they experience a different ministry, culture and churches. Pray that all the logistical aspects will go smoothly, and the team will be united as we serve together.
Sat, 06 Jul 2024
NORTHERN IRELAND: Geoff Donaldson, Ireland Director
From today, 6 -12 July, ECM Ireland will take part in the Mission Exhibition part of ‘Keswick Portstewart', in Northern Ireland. Pray for good connections and networking on mission.
Fri, 05 Jul 2024
CROATIA: Jonathan and Danijela Vukov in Varaždin and Novi Marof
We are grateful to God that on June 7 and 8 we were able to organize a two-day outreach event on the streets of Varaždin with church stands with literature, gospel music, a children's program and the preaching of the Good News. Pray for all the people who passed by, took the literature or listened to the message that the sown Word would bring forth fruit. We also have a seven-day summer camp on the island of Ugljan which started 30 June-July 7; please pray that all who come will be encouraged and challenged to live by faith.
Thu, 04 Jul 2024
ROMANIA: Gary and Ioana Stoll in Piatra Neamt
Each evening this week our church in Piatra Neamt in Romania is running a Vacation Bible School for kids aged 5-14. We will be following the Exodus from Egypt story and learning about an even greater redemption that the Lord Jesus came to bring. Please pray for the event, the leaders, and the children, that the Gospel may go forth with power, opening hearts as God opened the Red Sea.
Wed, 03 Jul 2024
SPAIN: B.J. and Rachel Whitaker in Meco
From 1-5 July, a team of 13 Americans will be with us to help run a baseball camp for kids aged 6-14 here in Meco. We have a fantastic opportunity to share Kingdom values through the camp and other activities, so please pray that the kids (and their parents) would be open to Jesus as we share and incarnate His love. Also, please pray for spiritual and physical protection for the team from the U.S. and our local team during that week.
Tue, 02 Jul 2024
ITALY: Susanne Stoehr in Macherio
Thanks to God for a time of refreshment during holiday and for all his help realizing several paintings. Pray for preparation of home assignment from mid-September till January. Continue to pray for Eleisa’s family in continued challenges.
Mon, 01 Jul 2024
PORTUGAL: Shane McGloin in Vila Real
We have three different summer ministries in Vila Real this summer, from today 1-5 July – Holiday Bible Club in Vila Real Baptist Church, and then from 12-22 July – American team (evangelism focus). Please pray as I continue to preach and lead adult Bible studies in our different churches.
Sun, 30 Jun 2024
ECMI: Biennial 2025 Planning Committee
We thank God that we already have many leaders and workers signed up for the kids' program at the Biennial Conference! Pray that we find the right person to lead the Creche to care for the littlest ECM’ers well.
Sat, 29 Jun 2024
SPAIN: Julia Mercer-Wilson in Llorenç del Penedès
Every Saturday evening throughout June we'll be holding our 'Discover Who You Are in Christ' course online. It is open to people across Spain and Latin America. The same course will be held face to face in the Acueducto house 29-30 June. Pray that God would shine his light on any lies participants believe about who they are and that He would bring His freedom, as well as give tools and speak through spiritual exercises to help remind us all of who He says we are. May cognitive knowledge (e.g. I am loved. I am forgiven. I am chosen), become experienced with all the senses.
Fri, 28 Jun 2024
ECM AUSTRALIA: Sam Boog, Media and Promotions Officer
Please be praying for God's blessing on ECM News, that it might help stir an appetite for missions among those who read it. Please also pray for wisdom in creating new and relevant content.
Thu, 27 Jun 2024
FRANCE: Jack and Sarah Winterburn in Tours
Praise God that at the youth weekend away last month there were 60 youth from 8 different churches across the region, that we had a good time in spite of rain, and that three of the youth gave their lives to Jesus! Pray for the youth that the seeds of faith that were planted, grow.
Wed, 26 Jun 2024
SLOVENIA: Goran and Metka Macura in Domžale
Praise the Lord that Domžale church plant dedicated two deacons and two new members who received Christ.
Tue, 25 Jun 2024
ECM NEW ZEALAND: Féy Cotter, National Director
We have a short termer going to Greece today, 25 June. Please pray for Elena who will be joining Luciana to serve in the ministry to a Roma community on the outskirts of Athens.
Mon, 24 Jun 2024
ECM IRELAND: Stuart Rowell
Praise for Pastors to Pastors Gathering back in May. Gospel workers from the Balkans and beyond attended in Northern Serbia. We were privileged to have Mark and Kay Vanderwerf (former ECM-NA) for excellent teaching from 2 Timothy. It was an opportunity for ministry reports from Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia. We are grateful for a generous sponsor.
Sun, 23 Jun 2024
PORTUGAL: Shane McGloin in Vila Real
Please pray for the preparation for summer ministry, holiday Bible club and teams from Northern Ireland and America in Vila Real.
Sat, 22 Jun 2024
FINLAND: K. in Finland/Netherlands
I thank God for the chance of being in rehab to recover from post-Covid. June will be the month that the basic therapy will end. It may be necessary to still do the intensive part as well, depending on how well I recover. Please pray I may recover and rejoin the Bible translation team in Inari, Finland. Pray also for the translation of the Jesus Messiah comic into three Saami languages, which now one of my colleagues is coordinating, that it may help young Saami to know the Gospel.
Fri, 21 Jun 2024
REPUBLIC OF IRELAND: Jonathan and Nicola McCracken in Claremorris
We give thanks that the plans for a change of use on a potential building for the church here in Claremorris have been submitted and we should soon hear back. Meanwhile we have been raising financial support and have been encouraged by those who have donated so far. We hope to be able to purchase the building when the plans come through. We are having an evening in N. Ireland today, 21 June, when we will update our friends and supporters on our work and on the Building Project.
Thu, 20 Jun 2024
ECMI: Chris Wigram, former International Director
This is my final day as interim CEO for Global Connections. We have our Passion for Mission event in Oxford with Michael Stroope. Pray it goes well and benefits the UK mission community.
Wed, 19 Jun 2024
ECM AUSTRALIA: Bea Wickham, Mobiliser in Perth
In Perth I am currently meeting with 2 individuals, 2 families and 1 couple who are considering joining the mission field. Please pray for these mentor/mentee relationships. I have been meeting with a number of Perth pastors and organisations of late seeking to further promote the work of Prepare the Way in order to gain more people to mentor and send to the field. Please pray for favourable outcomes.