Wed, 21 Feb 2024
GREECE: Al and Rachel MacInnes in Athens
Please pray for Al and Rachel MacInnes as they continue to build relationships with churches and organisations in Greece and for wisdom to identify key connections for the future. Pray for those who are currently considering joining the Greece team both from within Greece and outside. Pray for us to discern the Lord's leading together.
Tue, 20 Feb 2024
GERMANY: Armando Jose Gutiérrez Berreondo in Schwerin
Pray for our youth, many of whom are having a hard time. Pray especially for J who has been admitted to a clinic because he has suicidal thoughts. The youth generation is suffering a lot, so join me in praying for the youth of Europe that the Holy Spirit will reveal Himself and a breakthrough will happen.
Mon, 19 Feb 2024
SPAIN: David and Samantha Gilkinson in Salou
David will be teaching at a seminary in Portugal from today, 19 -23 February. Please pray that God blesses the preparation, delivery and discussions and that the students will grow in depth of biblical knowledge and love of God. Pray especially for our 2 Spanish young people who are there for the year, that it will be a transformative time.
Sun, 18 Feb 2024
AUSTRALIA: Rod Bishop, Business Manager in Croydon
Please pray for Abby D as she starts this month in the ECM Australia office, as our Admin Assistant. May she be equipped with all she needs to serve well and may she experience joy playing her part in our mission to Europe.
Sat, 17 Feb 2024
ITALY: Susanne Stoehr in Macherio
Thanks to God for his endurance given to Eleisa in solving and living through many difficulties. She sticks to Jesus. Pray for Noah, her son, that he may be healed and be touched and give his life to Jesus. Pray for God's solutions to many problems. Pray for my new painting I have to realize till end of February on the theme of "The Journey”.
Fri, 16 Feb 2024
ROMANIA: Daniela and George Serban in Draganesti
Pray for the people we visited at Christmas time as a church singers’ group and sang carols to them. They need Christ as their Saviour and not as a cute baby celebrated once a year. Many were moved and cried, but we desire their salvation.
Thu, 15 Feb 2024
NEW ZEALAND: Féy Cotter, National Director
I will also be in Europe from today 15 February – 7 March so please pray for safe travel during that time, and for good and helpful conversations with everyone that I meet up with. So far caravan life is going well, but please pray for us as we continue to adjust to a new way of living and doing life together. We crossed on the ferry to the North Island at the end of January, so please pray for us as we travel around NZ. We will be based in the Bay of Plenty region for February and March, so pray that more people will hear about ECM and be encouraged to join us by Going, Praying or Giving to ECM NZ.
Wed, 14 Feb 2024
FINLAND: Pyry and Ani Winter in Turku
Thank you for your prayers; we had a much-needed good rest during the holidays. Pray for workers because we can see that the harvest is plentiful, but workers are truly few. Please also pray specially for students in Turku; there seem to be many obstacles in the way of mission there.
Tue, 13 Feb 2024
REPUBLIC OF IRELAND: Colin and Alison Holmes in Ferrybank
We give thanks for sharing of leadership and ministry, as a new elder has joined our leadership team, and since sharing messages at Christmas we are developing a preaching team. Please pray for the four men who Colin is encouraging and equipping, as they set out to preach Jesus from Mark’s gospel.
Mon, 12 Feb 2024
GERMANY: Martin and Anja Teubert in Ribnitz-Damgarten
From today 12-18 February Martin will travel with his college from Anklam to do a children’s outreach. Please pray for the kids that God may prepare their hearts for the Gospel. In the beginning of February Martin will be in Switzerland to assist his old mum for a week.
Sun, 11 Feb 2024
FINLAND: K in Finland
February and March will be months of transition for me. I am moving my belongings to a storage place, and at the beginning of February, I will move temporarily away from Inari. I'll spend the month in Central Finland at friends' before travelling to the Netherlands at the beginning of March. There, I will go into rehab for about 3 months to recover from post-Covid. Please pray my travels will go safely and I may regain my health. I'd love to get back into ministry soon.
Sat, 10 Feb 2024
GERMANY: Christiaan and Kseniya Kooiman in Schwerin
We would like to sta¬rt soon with the bap¬tism course. Please pray that God would move the
Fri, 09 Feb 2024
KOSOVO: Gani and Adile Smolica in Peja
Praise the Lord that the two-day Youth Camp went well, and the participants learned a lot about Christ and about life together. Pray for them to take part more regularly at the Sunday Services in the coming weeks, and for their parents to understand what their children believe. In February our women are organizing a bigger event to invite women who live round our church to share the Gospel with them. Pray for the ladies to come and listen about what Jesus has done for them.
Thu, 08 Feb 2024
PORTUGAL: Eberson and Maria Madalena David in Montargil
Thank God with us for completing 4 years on the missionary field. Please pray for new missionary projects to be carried out in Mora and in Ponte de Sor this year. Pray for the return of Evangelical Moral Education classes in public schools.
Wed, 07 Feb 2024
ITALY: Richard and Pinuccia Wilson in Rovereto
Pray for the immigrants, mostly refugees, that God continues to send to the churches at Trento and Rovereto. Pray for the ministry of the churches towards them, but especially for the refugees’ ministry in Italy. It is good to see them when they use their gifts to serve their ethnic communities, but they could have a much larger impact on Italian society in the future. Most of the group around which we are praying to plant a church at Ala are African immigrants.
Tue, 06 Feb 2024
UKRAINE: Simon and Dorit Marshall; David and Linda James
Praise the Lord for a special, blessed, and productive time here in Ukraine. We have fulfilled all of our objectives for this trip and have connected well with many people, especially some of the team members in the Irpin church plants and here in Lviv with the New Hope team. Please continue praying for the situation in Ukraine.
Mon, 05 Feb 2024
ECMI: Foundations Course, Kate Blackwell
ECMI Foundations course will be running from today 5-10 February. Please pray for the approximately 25 missionaries who will be attending, that they will learn helpful information about being a part of ECMI and find a safe space to process their experience so far.
Sun, 04 Feb 2024
PORTUGAL: Mike and Daveen Wilson in Mourão
Praise God with us for Him blessing us in our fifth Christmas and New Year and my 65th birthday away from our three kids and grandkids. (We do, however, very much hope we can be with them next year!) Locals invited us for meals and celebrations, and our Brazilian colleagues came for the day, with delicious cake, gifts, singing and dancing. We are blessed – God is truly no man’s debtor.
Sat, 03 Feb 2024
Walking alongside people trapped by addiction. This is the theme for our online Church For All training session on 5 February with Teen Challenge in Albania. Pray we will all have a greater understanding and compassion as God can transform lives.
Fri, 02 Feb 2024
REPUBLIC OF IRELAND: Jonathan and Nicola McCracken in Claremorris
Geoff Donaldson and Colin Holmes will be visiting us in Claremorris from today, 2-4 February. Geoff will be speaking at the church service on Sunday morning. Colin will also do our annual PDC review with us while he is here. Calvary Mission will have their annual prayer days on 19-20 February in Athlone. Pray for the workers here in the West of Ireland as we meet.
Thu, 01 Feb 2024
GERMANY: Rich and Ali in Berlin
We are thankful for a wonderful Christmas service at the church here in Wedding. Many unbelievers were present including some for whom we have been praying for years to have hearts receptive to the gospel and to know God’s love and forgiveness. Pray for us to have renewed energy for a big year coming up, including a church week away. Pray for more people to join our team! We need support with leadership and preaching as well as kids ministry. Pray for us as we visit German Bible schools this year for this end.
Wed, 31 Jan 2024
ECM NEW ZEALAND: Alex and Liz Preotesea-Wagner, candidates for Romania
Liz and Alex, with their two boys, will be heading to Cernavoda, Romania, in February. Please pray for provision of suitable accommodation for our family, as we enter this transition season.
Tue, 30 Jan 2024
GREECE: Al and Rachel MacInnes in Athens
Please pray for Al and Rachel MacInnes to continue to progress well in their language studies and balance it wisely with increasing church and team responsibilities.
Mon, 29 Jan 2024
SPAIN: Danny Ceballos in Peñarroya
Please pray for God to give us wisdom as we have just started working in a new location, with a new ministry as we lead the Peñarroya Evangelical Church in Peñarroya-Pueblonuevo, Córdoba.
Sun, 28 Jan 2024
ECM IRELAND: Geoff Donaldson, Director
Today, 28 January, ECM Ireland Director, Geoff Donaldson, will be speaking in Mallow Street, Limerick on behalf of ECM. Please pray for him.